M. Landman Communications & Consulting
Green Building and Sustainability Services

M. Landman Communications & Consulting provides practical and professional guidance on green living, green operations, green building, and other sustainability initiatives. Miriam Landman is an advisor, writer, editor, and speaker who has been involved in environmental endeavors for more than two decades. She helps households and businesses incorporate sustainable practices into their daily activities and operations. And as a green building advisor, her work facilitates the use of healthy, efficient, and sustainable practices in the planning, design, construction, renovation/remodeling, operation, and maintenance of homes, buildings, and developments.

Miriam’s services include the development of written materials and online resources, as well as offering consultations and presentations. She has consulted on projects of all sizes, and she works with a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Companies, including retailers and product manufacturers
  • Organizations and government agencies
  • Website publishers
  • Homeowners and renters
  • Building owners, land owners
  • Building professionals (e.g., developers, architects, interior designers, planners, contractors, builders, consultants)

Writing and Editing Services

  • Research and writing to develop documents, publications, and informational or technical resources (print and online), such as webpages, blog and social media content, project case studies, resource directories, checklists, product listings, presentation slides, fact sheets, reports, manuals, guides, brochures, marketing materials, and articles on environmental issues, practices, policies, programs, products, projects, or services.
  • Editing, proofreading, or technical review of all types of written content (print and online)

Education and Training Services

  • Presenting workshops, seminars, and lectures on sustainability topics for the general public, homeowners, students, professionals, or business owners.

Project Consulting Services

  • Providing consultations (by email, by phone, or in person) on green living/practices for households, homes, or homesteads or green operations and maintenance practices for businesses (offices and facilities).
  • Providing consultations on green materials, planning, design, remodeling/renovation, construction, operations, and maintenance strategies for single-family homes or for mixed-use, commercial, or multi-family buildings, developments, or communities; and providing follow-up resources or information, such as:
    • Strategy and process guidance.
    • Existing resources (e.g., green guidelines, rating systems, checklists, certifications and standards, policies, programs, incentives, product directories, project case studies, websites, or articles) that are relevant to each client’s particular interests and needs.
    • Information on environmentally preferable materials and product options, and local product suppliers.
    • Research on specific green strategies, materials, technologies, or systems, in response to questions from the client.
    • Project-specific goals or guidelines for green design, construction, or renovation; and/or customized green materials specification checklists.
    • Referrals to green architects, builders, engineers, solar contractors, and other green building professionals or specialists in the project region, to help you build an experienced and highly qualified green team for your project.

Please note: Miriam no longer provides LEED consulting services.

For information on Miriam's professional experience and qualifications, please go to the GREEN BUILDING EXPERIENCE page and the ABOUT M. LANDMAN page.

Initial 1/2-hour discussion (preliminary consultation) is complimentary.

For rates, references, or other inquiries, or to schedule a preliminary consultation, please contact M. Landman.