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Writing and Editing Services

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Miriam Landman provides professional editorial services to businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals. Her services include:

  • Research
  • Writing *
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Developmental/Content Editing *
  • Fact-Checking *
  • Technical Review *
  • General Review/Feedback
* environmental content

Miriam develops and/or edits a wide variety of printed materials and online content, including articles, webpage text, blog and social media posts, case studies, fact sheets, marketing materials, directories, guides, manuals, reports, brochures, books, proposals, resumes, cover letters, and content for slide presentations. She has substantial experience in writing and editing technical, instructional, and educational materials.

Miriam does thorough research and fact-checking. She is highly skilled at organizing and synthesizing information. And she conveys complex topics in clear and accessible language. She is also able to tailor a project's content and writing style to fit the intended audience, e.g., professionals in a particular industry, or the general public. Miriam is highly detail-oriented, but she also works very efficiently and can complete most projects quickly.

For references, rates, or other information, please contact M. Landman.

How does proofreading differ from copyediting?

Proofreading involves identifying and fixing grammatical, typographical, and punctuation errors, whereas full-service copyediting includes a broader review of content clarity, wording choice, consistency, and organization (in addition to fixing typos and errors).


Miriam has been a published writer for more than 20 years. Please see the PUBLICATIONS page for a list of published (and broadcast) pieces that Miriam has written, edited, or produced in recent years.

Miriam's writing is featured in the second edition of the book Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing, edited by Global Green USA (Island Press, 2007).

She was a reporter and producer for the public radio program Living on Earth for several years. She was also an editor at Verde Media and a copyeditor for the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). Since then, she has worked on numerous editorial projects for a variety of clients.

In addition, Miriam publishes The Green Spotlight weblog, and she sometimes writes freelance articles and commentaries, which are published in magazines and other media. Her freelance pieces are often focused on environmental and social issues. Her areas of interest and expertise include green building and design, green living, sustainable communities, urban planning and design, environmental/public health, and organic agriculture.

Miriam edits and proofreads documents on an even broader set of topics. For more than three years, she was the proofreader for Flavor magazine, which was published monthly by New Leaf Community Markets.