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Map of Green Buildings in San Francisco

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If you would like to go see some green buildings in San Francisco (or if you're just curious where they are) you can use this map to take yourself on a self-guided tour—through the city or through the Web.

1) If you want to visit (i.e., see the interior of) any buildings or spaces that are privately owned or that might have restricted access, contact the building owner or manager's office in advance to request permission and arrange for a tour.
2) The degree of "greenness" varies among the various buildings marked on this map; some of the buildings have more green features than others.
3) This map does not include every green building in San Francisco. The map has not been updated since 2012. Since then, many other green building projects have been completed, and others are currently in design or under construction.

To see a larger version of this map, which includes a list of the featured buildings, click on the "View Larger Map" link, directly below the map image.

Buildings that are marked with green pointers are LEED certified buildings. Buildings marked with green thumbtacks are buildings that have achieved LEED Platinum (the highest LEED rating). To see a list of all LEED Certified Projects in Northern California, click here.

For a list of these and other green buildings in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, click here.

This Google Map was built by M. Landman Communications & Consulting.