M. Landman Communications & Consulting

M. Landman Communications & Consulting provides practical and professional guidance on climate stabilization, ecological land use, sustainable development, green living, green operations, and overall sustainability.

Through the development of written materials and online resources, and through consultations or presentations, M. Landman helps companies, organizations, agencies, individuals, households, and communities to incorporate climate-stabilizing, healthy, efficient, and sustainable policies and practices into their daily activities, plans, and operations.

The founder, Miriam Landman, is an experienced writer, editor, advisor, and educator. She has been involved in environmental work for more than 25 years, in a variety of contexts. Her writings have been published and broadcast widely via public radio and numerous print and online media outlets.

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M. Landman provides practical and professional guidance in the form of written materials, consultations, and presentations on:
sustainable and ecological land use  ::  climate stabilization and resilience  ::  green living and green home improvements  ::  green operations & maintenance (O&M) for households, offices, facilities, and grounds  ::  green business, green materials and products  ::  green communities, neighborhoods, and developments

Within those subject areas, M. Landman's guidance covers a wide range of topics, such as:
sustainable, healthy, and efficient practices  ::  products  ::  programs  ::  projects  ::  policies  ::  principles and goals  ::  publications and online resources ::  certifications, standards, and guidelines

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